About Us

Need to get a property ready for sale, move-in, or winterization and board-up?

Want help getting ready for your new tenants or owners?

We offer exceptional service for rental homes, apartments, condominiums, commercial spaces, and even homes that are for sale. We don't just work hard for our clients, we take the smart approach. With a mix of innovation and tried and true practices, we create unmatched custom solutions for each individual client and facility location. Our customers aren't numbers, they're our special charge. With SSG, you get the "big business" service with the "small business" feel.

Our services are especially tailored for:

Property Managers


Home Owners

Commercial Properties

Our Work

Sometimes seeing is believing. Check out these pictures from some of our services.

Water Jet Cleaning & Camera Inspection

Tree roots in a line turned to shreds - for your viewing pleasure, courtesy our sewer line camera.

Remodel Work

Before and after pics of a recent kitchen remodel.

Yard Clean-Up & Groundskeeping

Talk about your curb appeal!

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Structure Services Group
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Albuquerque, New Mexico, 87120.



For all products, services and work performed (at our option):
1. Payment arrangements are available.
2. Credit cards are accepted. We reserve the right to add any fees or charges to the bill in order to pay for related expenses incurred as a result of accepting a credit card to pay for your products and or services.
3. For work related to real estate sales, we can accept payment at closing. Please make sure that all parties have a copy of the invoice.
4. Lien rights are enforced.